Fleshlight Mr. Limpy

August 7, 2009

Sick of the same old fleshlight sleeves? How about a little bit of good humored fun? Then why not take a look at the new and exciting Mr Limpy! Mr Limpy is a brand new gag gift from the same people that brought you the fleshlight. It is actually made from the same life like material as the fleshlight sleeves themselves.

Mr. Limpy

It’s not just a sex toy it’s a whole lot of fun, maybe not for the whole family though, it’s for lovers and ladies who want to have a hot night. It’s also been known to be used as a packer by trans-gendered males, or by others who need just that extra bit of packing down there. Best of all it comes in pink and four fun sizes.

Mr Limpy Extra-Small

mr limpy extra small

The smallest in our range measuring in at 3.5”, it makes a great gift for all your ex girlfriends, or heterosexual ex boyfriends as well.

Mr Limpy Small

mr limpy small

Coming in at 5” long this version of the Mr Limpy measures in at the average length that most men do. Perfect for sling shotting at an unsuspecting victim.

Mr Limpy Medium

mr limpy medium

This one is 6.5” long and just like any man who’s heavily intoxicated it just wont get hard, nothing will get this one up.

Mr Limpy Large

mr limpy large

Just when you thought they don’t get any bigger, we present the 8.5” Mr Limpy. This one is great for stuffing down your swimming trunks when your at the beach, or even as a soft sword to be used in duels.

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