Fleshlight Vampire – Succu Dry

November 7, 2009

fleshlight vampire succu dry

Even if halloween is over, I have to try this Fleshlight Succu Dry for my fleshlight collection. This sex toy has a fang. I love it. I just imagine myself having sex with a sexy dracula woman. Lol!

It is the first fleshlight vampire inspired sex toy for men. It’s sleeve is a pale color, but just like the other fleshlight, it has the Real Feel Superskin Material that I love. If you’ll fuck with succu dry, don’t forget to wear your vampire costume. :)

sexy fleshlight vampire

This sexy lady is what I have imagine when playing with my succu dry vampire fleshlight. What a fang! Roar!

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Fleshlight Motion

October 16, 2009

Fleshlight Motion

Fleshlight Motion is the ultimate hands free experience you can do with sex toys. Imagine how easy it can be to play with sex toys without holding anything on both hands; it’s like bringing the satisfaction of having someone around you isn’t it? You explore easily on different positions without having a hard time. Fleshlight Motion designed sex toys comes with the following:

1. Double dog dare
2. Top dog
3. Let it ride
4. On a mission
5. Hit the floor
6. Option saddle bag

All these can be bought at fleshlight.com; they are the leading sex toy shop in America Today. They accommodate both male and female sex toys. They are tagged as motion sex toys because they are not just meant for sexual pleasure, they can also build stamina which is good for men. It’s like you’re having sex and being in the gym both at the same time. You can easily satisfy your needs anytime of the day without urging someone else to do it with you. Fleshlight Motion devices aim to lessen the cases of sexually transmitted diseases which are now booming globally.

When I bought one and try with my teagan presley fleshlight, I can say is that I love the hands free experience. Its like fucking teagan in missionary position. Every product comes with high quality designed for optimum satisfaction guaranteed. All designs are easy to clean and washable. You can easily maintain its cleanliness without having to go out of your way to do it. Having a motion device inside your home wills surely make life easier for you. You can also bring it along anywhere you go.

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Fleshlight Mounts

October 14, 2009

fleshlight liberator

Are looking for someone all the time whenever you desire to have sex, or whenever the need arise? You don’t have to bother anyone else these days just to satisfy your sex hunger. There are sex toys to help you with your sexual needs. Fleshlight mounts by liberator are a popular sex toy in the world today.

It’s from Fleshlight, the leading maker of sex toys in America. You can use the fleshlight mounts with your vibrator or fleshlight originals. Don’t you know vibrators are used to be for women before; now, it was being used by men to enhance their partner during an intercourse when they couldn’t meet their needs. Nowadays, men can also use the satisfying result of fleshlight mounts. It is the ultimate hands free experience.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be worth your money because of its handsfree experience plus with your fleshlight softest skin like feeling you cannot find in other sex toys today, you’ll feel like fucking a wet vagina. Mounts can be easily satisfying because you can position yourself like having sex with a woman. You can choose from Double Dog Dare, the popular On A Mission, Let It Ride, Top Dog and can also add Hit the Floor and Optional Saddle Bag for more pleasing experience.

I also recommend the Fleshlight Vibro with a mini vibrating bullet which will add to the stimulation of the vibro mount. You should try to visit Fleshlight for more information regarding mounts that will be suitable for your specific needs. You can easily ask a live operator to help and assist you with your needs.

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Fleshlight On A Mission Review

October 5, 2009

Fleshlight On A Mission

The Fleshlight On A Mission for your fleshlight sex toy is not just for pleasure; it also provides sexual satisfaction which will surely make your sexual drive a truly memorable one. You don’t have to worry about pushing your partner to have sex with you or hire a girl who will spend a night to satisfy your needs. Using a Fleshlight On A Mission is really great if you like having sex in missionary position and to also satisfy your sexual needs.

This Fleshlight sex toy is ideal for hands free purposes. You can have sex with your fleshlight without having to hold it until you cum. like me, you can also get it with a hit the floor motion pad and optional saddle bag which will provide you with a comfortable feeling you will surely enjoy. Once you’ve tried it for the first time, you will surely enjoy the sexual feeling with a handsfree experience. This Fleshlight toy can also be use for stamina training. It will help you boost your strength because you can have the feeling of working out while having fun at the same time.

Satisfying yourself through sex toys can now be easier and fun with the new trendy adult toys available in the market today. There are lots of different designs and styles to choose from. All you need to do is to choose among the best adult sex toys like the popular fleshlight that will be suitable for your daily sexual needs.

You can also buy a fleshlube for slippery feeling which will provide you with a real life sexual intercourse like having sex with a wet vagina. There’s nothing better than having the real sex but when you don’t have means of doing it, you can simply use fleshlight sex toys.

On A Mission

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Fleshlight Sex in a Can

October 2, 2009

Sex In A Can

Having fun in sex is not unusual for couples these days, being intimate with your partner should be enjoyed at all times to ensure you’ll have a harmonious escapade together. Having fun while having sex can be achieved not just by being creative in every style and enhancers, but you can also make use of sex toys like from fleshlight. Fleshlight Sex in a Can is one of the leading manufacturers of sex toys particularly the sex in a can.

This toy is highly acclaimed by most men in U.S today because, through this, they don’t need to hire sex workers anymore. They can be free from sexually transmitted diseases and the best of all; they can have sex and satisfy themselves without any commitment. Sex in a can features the female vagina pussy inside a can. It features the same texture and feel like real vagina. You wouldn’t even notice you are doing it with a toy and not with a real woman.

What’s best of all? It’s uncomplicated to make use of and simple to keep fresh. It’s 100% washable, so you can clean it right away after using it. Sex in a Can from fleshlight, comes in a compact like a beer can, you can easily bring it along with you anywhere you go. Once you’ve started using it, you’ll really enjoy it and you will be delightful on the kind of satisfaction it can bring you without compromising anything at all. It comes with a sample fleshlube pack and in very affordable price you can surely afford.

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